5 Prohibitions to do if you don’t want your “genitals” to be infected

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If it’s about the sex organs. Whether a woman or a man, they are embarrassed. and embarrassed to speak of or consult other people when there is a problem Therefore, when there are strange symptoms such as “infected” symptoms , many people endure it. Find a way to treat yourself in some wrong way until eventually may cause more harm to the body. So the solution is Take good care of our genitals. Do not risk infection from the beginning itself.

5 Prohibitions to do if you don’t want your “genitals” to be infected

  1. Don’t wear underwear repeatedly.

The genital area has sweat glands like any other area with hair follicles, and it’s also a humid spot because it’s hidden by clothing. and sitting posture The accumulation of sweat is a factor in the formation of unpleasant odors. And bacteria can grow well. Therefore, we should change our underwear every day for good intimate health . Underwear should be changed at least twice a day, in the morning and before going to bed. And hurry to clean as soon as doing activities that are sweating a lot, such as exercising, etc.

  1. Do not wash the inside of the vagina.

Some women want to be clean inside. So I try to insert my finger into it to wash with soap. Or various cleaning products on the market, but in fact, cleaning to the inside causes more harm to the body than good. Because soap has a higher pH than the vagina. and contains perfume ingredients This can cause redness and itching. It also kills unnecessary bacteria that are good for the body. So if you want to clean should choose only water or cleaning products for specific hidden areas directly and clean only the outside, no more than 1 time per day.