8 cool benefits of “Eryngii mushroom” anti-cancer

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Friends, do you know that Eryngii mushroom has many names? Some people are known as “Royal oyster mushrooms” Some people know that the correct pronunciation of eryngii mushroom is “Mushroom Eringi” or “Mushroom Eringi”

But no matter what name you call It means this long, slender, firm, white-brown mushroom. In addition to the good taste that can be boiled, pounded, spicy salad, grilled, it’s also delicious. There are still many benefits that I want to eat every day ever. Want to know what benefits it has? Follow Sanook ! Health .

8 cool benefits of “Eryngii Mushroom”

1. Helps fight cancer due to the properties of antioxidants in eryngii mushrooms

2. Help reduce pain in different parts of the body.

3. Help reduce blood sugar Suitable for people with diabetes and those who want to lose weight.

4. Help balance the body. give all parts work better

5. Help reduce high blood pressure. Adjust the pressure to a normal level.

6. Has nutritional value similar to meat Can be eaten together with salad vegetables. Or cook with mushrooms instead of meat.

7. Help reduce cholesterol in the body. It is suitable for those who love health and want to lose weight again.

8. Nourish the blood, anyone who suffers from anemia Eating eryngii mushroom regularly can definitely help.

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