Should you avoid highly processed foods?  

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You don’t have to completely avoid highly processed foods to have a healthy diet overall. Food is one of life’s main sources of enjoyment. It’s an important part of our social lives and our happiness.

It’s perfectly healthy to enjoy your favorite snack food or ice cream once in a while. As long as you consume these foods in moderation and mostly eat whole, minimally processed.

This is important because frequently consuming ultra-processed. And beverages is likely to harm overall health and increase disease risk ทางเข้า UFABET

Time and again, research shows that those who follow diets rich in whole. Nutrient-dense foods live longer and have a lower risk of developing chronic health conditions than people who consume diets high in ultra-processed foods.

For example, the Mediterranean dietary pattern is associated with a longer life expectancy and a lower risk of heart disease, diabetes, colon cancer, breast cancer, and obesity. This diet prioritizes whole foods, including :

  • vegetables
  • legumes
  • fruits
  • fish

On the other hand, diets high in ultra-processed foods. Such as fast food, sweets, and soda have been consistently linked to increased disease risk and a shorter life expectancy.

Thus, when it comes to health outcomes, moderating your intake of highly processed is key.