Ancelotti admits he wasn’t scammed at Celtic Park.

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Carlo Ancelotti admits to having a poor visit to Celtic Park as AC Milan‘s coach has not won any of his three previous encounters with Celtic.

Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti admits he has a poor record for visiting Celtic Park, having led the club to three European visits to Celtic and never won once. Before bringing the white team to visit the famous Scottish team on the stage of the Champions League group stage on Tuesday night As reported by Marca on Monday UFABET

Ancelotti has led the club to four Champions League trophies, but the Italian coach’s side have yet to emerge victorious at Celtic Park in their three appearances at the stadium. AC Milan started to draw 0-0 in 2004. Followed by a 1-2 defeat in the round of 16 of the 2006-2007 season and a 0-0 draw again in the group stage the following season. 

‘Yes, it’s true. It was not a good stadium for me and my team in the past. I don’t have a clear memory of being here. We played against Celtic twice in the group stage. And once in the round of 16, but we won in Milan after extra time. What can I say? It’s a really tough field. But it’s a great atmosphere.’

‘They want to play offensive football and this is normal at their homes. We are not worried to defend. because if we set up well I think ok’

‘We defended very well in the past. And I think one of the keys to our victory last season was to defend well in some of the key areas. As a team we have to be able to defend well. But it’s also good offensive play at the same time. That’s what we want to do,’ Ancelotti said.