Mbappe believes Pogba despite media efforts.

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Kylian Mbappe has said he believes Paul Pogba’s words. After a case the PSG striker was linked to the use of black magic.

There was a lawsuit between Pogba and his brother. After the French midfielder report that. He had been harass by a group of people who had sympathy for his family.

The story become big news in France and Europe. UFABET The report states that what happen was linke to Mbappe. As Pogba’s brother said the 29-year-old midfielder had hired a magician to use dark magic on the 23-year-old football forward. 

Latest in the press conference before the game. At Paris Saint-Germain Prepare to open the Parc des Princes to face Juventus in the Champions League group stage first game on Tuesday night. French media have question the current relationship between Mbappe and Pogba. 

“It doesn’t affect [the relationship], I believe the words of my team-mates. He called me and told me the truth.” Mbappe said.

Now, his words were contrary to his elder brother’s words. I will trust my teammates for the benefit of the national team. It’s not the time to put pressure on him. I separate everything and we will know what it is.” Mbappe said.