Merson advises Liverpool to sell Mohamed Salah to buy Saka.

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Former England midfielder Paul Merson has suggested that. Liverpool let Mohamed Salah leave the team and use the money to buy Bukayo Saka. An attacker from Arsenal to join the team instead.

The Egyptian star has been heavily linked with a move to Al-Ittihad. A famous Saudi club. It is reported that he is ready to spend up to 200 million pounds. Which is a world record fee to bring him to the team. With Merson suggesting that he sell off the team and use the money to buy Saka from Arsenal instead.

“Sell him for £200m and then in January see if they can get Saka from Arsenal for £150m.” Merson told Sky Sports UFABET

“I think it’s appropriate. A 31-year-old player worth £200 million. Who’s next in that position? Who will be the new star on the right wing?”

“The next one is Saka for sure. He’s the best winger after Salah. If you’re Liverpool. You leave the older guys and bring in the younger guys.”

“They should have agreed with Arsenal and said this is £150 million for someone. What they’re doing at Liverpool now is getting rid of the older midfielders and bringing in the younger players.”