You have to pay more attention your lungs.

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Why does the age increase? You have to pay more attention your lungs.

The lungs are an important organ for the respiratory system. Serves to receive oxygen gas from the air into the body. to use to produce energy and remove carbon dioxide to filter waste It allows the body to live and function normally. But as age increases, age changes can affect the lungs both directly and indirectly. Whether it is a physical change or internal body systems As a result, the lungs cannot function properly. Therefore, as age increases, you must pay more attention to your lungs as well. Report from ยูฟ่าเบท

Importance of the lungs

The lungs have two main functions:

  • Serves to receive oxygen gas from the air into the body. The body needs oxygen to use in various processes within the body.
  • It acts to expel carbon dioxide from the body. which is a waste produced by the body after the body has used oxygen in various processes

organ changes affecting the lungs

  • bone changes As we age, bones become thinner and the outline of the ribs may change. This will result in the ribs being unable to expand and contract easily during breathing. The muscle that supports breathing, or the diaphragm, becomes weaker. This change will make it impossible to breathe in or out as much as before.
  • changes in lung tissue Muscle tissue and other tissues Those near the airway may lose their ability to fully open the airway. Makes the airway close easily Aging also causes the alveoli to become deformed or changes in the lung tissue. This may result in receiving too little oxygen and eliminating carbon dioxide. makes it difficult to breathe
  • changes in the immune system The immune system will be weakened. And the body is unable to fight off lung infections and other infectious diseases. The lungs recover more slowly after exposure to airborne contaminants that can harm health.

Elderly people with weak lungs are at risk for the following conditions:

  • Lung infections such as pneumonia and bronchitis
  • Shortness of breath or trouble breathing
  • Low oxygen levels in the body
  • sleep apnea


  • Stop smoking because cigarettes are harmful to the lungs and cause the lungs to deteriorate faster. You should also avoid sources of cigarette smoke.
  • Exercise to increase lung function regularly. and during periods of air pollution such as PM 2.5 dust or smoke from burning Exercise should be done at home or in the comfort of your home instead.
  • Always wear a mask. And you should choose a hygienic mask that is effective in protecting against small dust particles.
  • Always observe any unusual symptoms that occur in yourself or your family. Help observe each other to assess the health of the elderly in the family. If you are unsure, you should undergo a health examination to assess your risk of disease.
  • Annual health check To assess disease risk